Grow your own Pork

Here at Gullion View Piggies we offer a different way to purchase your pork by giving you the opportunity to purchase a pig and WE will rear it for you. We have lots of experience and have been breeding pigs for over eight years so you can be assured your pig will be in safe hands.

Many people like the idea of keeping pigs but don't have the land, experience or the time to do so, Most people would like just the one pig but pigs are very social animals and should be reared in groups or they can become lonely and depressed. Knowing where your meat comes from and how it's been processed is becoming more and more important to our customers every day, so why not let us look after everythning for you.

Advantages of Adopting a Pig With Us:

1. No exspensive cost of Arks, housing, fencing, water troughs etc.
2. We handle all the paperwork movement records, medicine records, etc.
3. You do not need to force yourself out into the freezing cold in order to feed your hungry pig.
4. There will be no vet or vaccination bills, we take care of these.

The cost of adopting your own pig starts from £300 this includes everything food, housing, straw, vets bills, slaughter, butchery and packaging. We require a deposit to secure your pig and the remainder is paid via a monthly installments to spread the cost.

Kune Kune - from £300
Tamworths - from £350

If you think this option is for you or would like some more info please don't hesitate to gives us a shout, you can reach us on any of the below contact details, or alternatively visit our Contact Page and send us a quick message from there.

Telephone:+44 7541012102

Telephone:+44 2830838944