Gloucestershire Old Spots

The Gloucestershire Old Spots (also "Gloucester, Gloucester Old Spot, Gloucestershire Old Spot" or simply "Old Spots") is an English breed of pig which is predominantly white with black spots. It is named after the county of Gloucestershire. The Gloucestershire Old Spots pig is known for its docility, intelligence, and profligacy. There must be at least one spot on the body to be accepted in the registry as a Gloucestershire Old Spot.

The Head is Long in length with a slightly dished nose. The ears should be well set apart, dropping forward to the nose. The shoulders should be fine but not raised, they should have a long level back with well sprung ribs and a broad loin are desirable. Deep sides, with a thick, full belly and flank from the ribs to hams are standard. Their Skin should not show coarseness or wrinkles and their hair should be silky and straight and aslo there should be at least 14 well-placed teats.

Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs are known for their docile temperament, good maternal instincts, and high-quality meat.

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